• Elmina Weeks or MINA as she is lovingly known a Brooklyn Native New Yorker of  Panamanian Decent who has served her community for over 20 years with Human Resources Admin / HRA as a Civil Servant worker, have decided to Take a leap of faith and join the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America, By putting her passion in Motion by tapping in to her talents and creative ability in researching. Whether it be a look, a hair style, or furnishings for the home, she decided to take that passion And turn it into a business of trendy finds if you dare to be different then take a look and stay the course and see what she has to offer you wont be disappointed.
  • As times move forward and life gives you lemons why not make a Margarita with the current state of the world she decided to reinvent her self and pursue the dream of getting in to business and created this online shop which she wants to encourage other women to follow their dream and "JUST DO IT" 
  • she decided If she can put in long hours for her current employers give them her all ,then she can do the same for her business and here it is my baby
  • "  "influencing one person at a time"